What to expect?

Who comes to St Matthew's?

St Matthew's Episcopal Church offers a place of worship and community for persons exploring churches and discovering faith to practiced believers.  We welcome singles, children, adults, families, from all walks of life and faith backgrounds.  We center our life around worship, and from that experience we find our selves in community, supporting one another in fellowship, outreach, education, and in life in the greater community of Saline County, neighboring towns and the world.   

What to expect at worship

Our main worship is on Sunday mornings.  Worship begins with silence, offering people an opportunity to pray and prepare for worship.  During our worship we hear readings from the Bible, the Old Testament, Psalm, Epistles and the Gospel.  A homily or sermon is offered on the scripture readings and our life today.  After we have been fed with the word of God, we are fed in the sacrament of Holy Eucharist or Communion with wine and bread.  Through out the service we stand to sing.  We pray, often kneeling, and we sit to listen, and learn.  Our worship is traditional and liturgical.  We follow the Book of Common Prayer so that all can participate easily.  Worship normally takes about an hour on Sunday morning. 

Christian Formation

Christian formation on Sunday morning reaches all generations.  We have Nursery care for the youngest, Sunday School for youngsters to early teens, and an adult study.  During the week our Kids' Club (ages 6 to teens) and our Episcopal Youth Community (teens) meets on Wednesday night, for fellowship, food, and learning.  Through out the year, different study groups gather in the evenings for study on various topics including scripture studies, faith, and current events.