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On being a good Steward

posted May 22, 2012, 10:28 AM by Lorraine Slaymaker   [ updated May 22, 2012, 8:09 PM by Lorrie Slaymaker ]
As Christians, we live in community whenever two or more of us are gathered together in the name of Jesus Christ. There is responsibility in our community to be good stewards of all of our resources----resources which we tend to think belong to us. We are transients in this world and as the saying goes, “you can’t take it with you.” If we could take it with us, we would go empty handed because all that we have, no matter how small or large, comes from and belongs to God. We are on this earth simply as the caretakers of God’s abundance.

Being good stewards means more than pledging annually, contributing to the sign fund, or making a bequest to our church. It is about more than spending several hours a week at church studying or working. It is about more that sharing our personal talents to further God’s work in our communities. It is about our relationship with God and with each other. It is about using everything we have/our work, our wisdom, our wealth/ in a Christ like way.

We are approaching the half-way point in our church’s budgetary year. As your stewardship chairman, I ask that you take some time to examine your giving. Is your pledge current? Are there adjustments that should be made? I don’t talk about giving & stewardship to raise everyone’s anxiety level. My hope is to allay some of the misconceptions. Stewardship is about the right formation of hearts. It’s an issue of spirituality and it has as much to do with our souls as it has to do with budgets.

As we travel our short journey on earth, may we all reflect on the meaning of stewardship and the relationships we choose to nourish and build with all that we have---our gifts from God. May we leave legacies that our children & grandchildren will remember as meaningful and significant to their lives as Christians as well as to the lives of their children and grandchildren.