Organizations and Opportunity

Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

The Episcopal Church Women or ECW  has been long active in the life of St Matthew's. The Women gather monthly, in fellowship, fundraising for outreach, and service to both St Matthew's and our greater community.They also know how to have fun with swim parities, and dinning out. Selena Ellis is the 2018 President.

Lay worship leaders

Opportunities for lay persons to assist in leading worship can be held by both youth and adults. 
Greeter -  welcomes people to church
Acoyltes - carry the cross and assist the priest
Reader- reads the scripture lessons 
Eucharistic Minister - offers the chalice
Worship Leader - leads Morning Prayer. 
Flower Guild - prepares flowers for worship
Altar Guild - prepares the Altar for worship

International Outreach

Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots serves children living in poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico, who do not have access to an education. We believe in education as a human right and help the poorest of Oaxaca’s children realize their dream of going to school. When you give a child money on the street you feed them for a day, but when you give a child an education, you feed them for life! Visit for more information.

2019 Vestry

The Vestry has the oversight of the temporal affairs of the church. St Matthew's Vestry has seven voting Vestry members and the Vicar. Our Treasure and Secretary are appointed by the Vestry. The members of the church vote for new Vestry Members each year at the Annual Meeting each with a three year staggered term.

Men's Club

The Men's Club gathers throughout the year and their time together is both social and purposeful. The Men's Club organizes church clean up days; helps to maintain the structure and well-being of of buildings and grounds; organize cooking events, like Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner; and gathers together for fun, like watching football games together. Justin Wright organizes the group and all the men are members.

Outreach - Local

Our Local outreach includes volunteer hours as well as supplies and monetary donations from St Matthew's people. Some members of the church serve on boards, others raise funds, and still others supply items as requested. The list below highlights some of our local outreach:
Apostle's Build of Habitat for Humanity
CJoHN - Church Council on Human Needs
Ralph Bunche Kids
Back Pack Kids
Christian Care Clinic
Helping Hands
Saline County Safe Haven Women's and Children's Shelter
Humane Society of Saline County
Bishop's Fund
Episcopal Disaster Relief
Camp Mitchel
Garland County Detention Center

Dollars for Outreach
All $1 bills placed in the offering plate are collected throughout the year and distributed to local organizations as determined by the Vestry. In 2017, your generosity benefited Lucie's Place and Camp Mitchel.