The work of the Vestry

The Vestry is a committee that has oversight of the temporal affairs of the church. Vestry members serve a staggered term of three years. St Matthew's Vestry has seven voting Vestry members and the Vicar. Our Treasure and Secretary are appointed by the Vestry. The members of the church vote for new Vestry Members each year at the Annual Meeting. To see the monthly Vestry Reports, Minutes, and Financial Statements, follow the link Vestry-Reports.

2018 Vestry

Senior Warden: The Senior Warden is the lead lay person of the Vestry. The Senior Warden is in charge of the Vestry if the Vicar of the church cannot be present. Junior Warden: The Junior Warden watches over the grounds and buildings of the church, and is second to the Senior Warden. The Junior Warden is appointed by the vestry members. 

 Vestry Members and supporting offices
Chris Ellis, Senior 
Warden (term ends 2018)
Deborah Hansen - Treasurer appointed
Chris Ellis (term ends 2018)
Laura Curry (term ends (2018)
Selena Ellis (term ends 2018)
Justin Wright (term ends 2019)
Lee Storey (Term ends 2019)
Fanny Neely (Term ends 2020)
Susan Alford (Term ends 2020)

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