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Thank you for worshiping at St Matthew’s. Please join us on the lawn after worship for snacks and conversation, April through November, when the sun shine is warm.

Adult Formation meets from 9:50 to 10:45 in the Fellowship Hall. Our discussion focuses on the current lessons of the current Sunday.  


Services at 8:30 and 11:00 AM
Nursery care available at both services. 

Ash Wednesday Service at 7:00 PM
Imposition of Ashes and Holy Communion


Adult Formation meets from 9:50 to 10:45 in the Fellowship Hall. Our discussion focuses on the current lessons of the current Sunday.  

 Ladle of Love Feb 26:  Join the Episcopal Church Women, in outreach with soup for lunch.  Sign up to make a soup, and then come and consume soup and invite your friends. Proceeds support outreach in the greater Saline County.  Pricing for families and individuals, eat in our take out. 

 Fellowship Hall Saturday Schedule. We have had many requests for use of the fellowship hall on Saturdays.  Here are the dates and times it is in use. Feb 25,  2 to 4 PM  Marliisa Yarberry, & friends

Vestry February 27, 2017 The Vestry is scheduled to meet on February 27 at 6 PM, the 4th Monday in the Fellowship Hall.  Please share your concerns with Senior Warden Chris Ellis, or The Rev Lorrie Slaymaker, or any of your Vestry Members.


February 28th is Shrove Tuesday Dinner at 6:00 PM.  Time to clean out the cupboards for Lent of your fats, and sugars, etc., and make them into a pot luck supper at the Fellowship Hall.  Signup sheet will be at the church clipboards.  IF you desire pancakes you can bring some or make them for those that like a traditional Shrove Tuesday, or you can bring pot luck.  Revelry and fun for everyone.  

 Ash Wednesday at 7:00 PM, on March 1.  Observe a Holy Lent beginning with the Ash Wednesday Service.  It is a time to gather, receive the imposition of ashes reminding ourselves that ‘we are dust and to dust we shall return.’  Before you know it, forty days later will pass and it will be Easter, in the meantime let us begin the Lenten journey together.

 Episcopal Church Women (ECW) March 8 is the next meeting at Sarah Linder’s home.  This is the 2nd Wednesday due to the 1st Wednesday, when we normally meet is Ash Wednesday.  All women of the church are considered members, so look on your calendar and make yourself available on March 8th, the more we have the merrier the time.  Contact Selena Ellis (501) 860-9120, for more information.  

Out Reach Opportunities

Peanut Butter Cracker ministry continues.  Your support to provide snacks for school kids, peanut butter crackers, and for the weekend menu boxes/bags of spaghetti and spaghetti sauce to take home for family meals.  All offerings can be left at the church in the narthex in the collection crate.  Thank you for your generosity.

 Oaxaca StreetChildren Grassroots:  Help street children attend school in Oaxaca Mexico.  You change the world when you educate a child. Dave Slaymaker contact.

 Dollars for Outreach: Any one dollar bills in the offering are used for outreach.  Let your one dollar bills grow together giving value to someone's life and circumstance through our outreach in Christ's name.

 Recycling Opportunity: St. Matthew's is recycling soda cans.  Lee Story will pick up cans from St Matthew’s and bring them to the recycle center.  Thank you for your awareness of the environment and all attempts to keep our world healthy. 

Financial Report

January was an expensive month for us.  Mostly because we needed to meet our obligations that normally you only see on paper, if you read the financial reports in detail each month. 

Listed below is a narrative of our January expenses with a short financial report following.

1) We paid nearly $800 in SS taxes for Lorrie and Judy for 2016.

2) We paid about $650 to complete our 2016 Diocese assessment; and we also paid our January 2017 assessment and paid on our loan from the Diocese.  .

3) Our liability insurance is due quarterly, and the first quarter was due in Jan. (over $900, yes it went up last year).

With all of those bills, it's impressive that we could cover them, thanks to starting the year with cash in the bank.  Now we can move forward building our bank reserves to balance the rest of our year at St Matthew’s.

January income statement – the short form
January Income                           $7,576
2017 year to date income              $7,576
Budgeted YTD income 2017          $5,403

Expenses January Financial Report
January Expenses                        $8,502
2016 year to date expenses           $8,502
Budget YTD expenses 2017           $5,814

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The Rev Nancy Cook, Deacon 501.226-5202 or

St Matthew's Episcopal Church 1112 Alcoa Rd, Benton AR


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