Welcome to St Matthew's Episcopal Church

We are an Episcopal church community seeking to live daily with Christ. We are old and young, and in between.  We gather for fellowship, and learning for all ages.  We are active in our community and local outreach.  As an Easter people year long, we seek and share God in our daily lives transforming this world into God's kingdom on earth.  Come open the doors and see for yourself!  

News and Events

Christmas Eve Worship "Come let us adore him" is the shout for joy for the coming of Christ.  Christmas Eve, December 24th "come let us and adore Him" who is Christ the Lord, at 4:00 PM or at 10:30 PM.  Both service will be filled with Christmas Carols and will be celebrated with the Holy Eucharist. You choose the time that best fills your observance of Christ Birth.  Both promise to keep the day and night holy.  

Advent Season is the season of waiting and preparing for Christ. It begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, this year on November 27th.  Unique to Advent is the advent wreath and candles, where each Sunday is a countdown not by days, but weeks in lighting one, two ... or all four candles to the coming of Christ as experienced at Christmas.  All are welcomed to count with us and prepare for the experience of Christ in our lives, with great celebration and desire.  

Greening the Church, comes a bit early at St Matthew's, on Saturday the 17th from 9 AM to 12 PM.  We wear our work clothes listen to carols, and set the greens of bows in place, prepare our window displays, and et up the creche, with wise man traveling forward as we anticipate the the celebrations on December 24th.  Everyone comes sharing seasonal anticipation wondrous time and insight to assist in creating a wonderful expression of Christ in our community. We'll see you there. 

Worship Schedule

Vicar, The Rev Lorrie Slaymaker
Deacon, The Rev Nancy Cook

St Matthew's Worship Opportunities

Sunday Morning Worship (Holy Eucharist*)
8:30 and 11:00 AM 

Sunday adult Christian Education at 9:45 to 10:45

Christmas Eve Worship, December 24th
4:00 PM Carols and Holy Eucharist
10:30 PM Festal Eucharist
Come let us adore Him!
Adult Class occur most Sundays led by either The Rev Lorrie Slaymaker, or The Rev Nancy Cook, Deacon or a supply priest. 

* Sunday worship's norm is Holy Eucharist at St Matthew's, occasionally Morning Prayer is offered if a priest is not available.